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3 Days Maasai Experience


Day 1: Arrival, greeting, tour
You will be picked up from your point of stay. Arrival in the Maasai village (manyatta) depends on your point of departure: when coming from Nairobi, you will arrive in the afternoon; when coming from Maasai Mara National Reserve, you will arrive in the morning. You will be greeted by your hosts, followed by a traditional lunch. Then you will be dressed as a Maasai and given a tour of the manyatta, and you can settle in, in your hut. Meanwhile you will start learning about Maasai traditions and customs. Dinner with your hosts. Overnight in your hut.

Day 2: The bush
Early in the Morning you will wake up and be greeted with traditional Maasai breakfast. After breakfast you will be taken into the bush, where your Maasai guides will show you how they used to kill a lion; where they will teach you about the animals and plants; and how to survive in the bush. You will learn how to throw spear, and how to light a fire without matches while preparing lunch. You will also learn how to jump as a real Maasai. Then back to the manyatta.
Dinner will be combined with a party/ceremony where you will be celebrated as a real Maasai.

Day 3: Being Maasai - departure
Early in the morning, now being a real Maasai, you can join in the daily activities. The women milk the cows and prepare breakfast and lunch for the men, while the men go to take care of the cows and secure their homes against wild animals.
After lunch you will receive a traditional goodbye and wishes for a safe journey back home. Then departure to your place of stay, where you will arrive in the evening and you will be dropped at you hotel.

(Extra charges may apply)
The basic Maasai Experience means you will be fully immersed into the Maasai way of life. Except for a few items (photo camera, medicins, toiletries, etc.) you will leave your luggage behind in a safe place and live only with what the Maasai themselves have; you will sleep in a hut like the Maasai; you will eat traditional food. Washing facilities, toilets, etc. are available, but primitive to western standards.
This may not be for everyone. Therefore you can opt to sleep and/or eat outside the manyatta. There are several accommodations available at additonal costs. If you so wish, you can take your luggage with you for your personal comfort.
Also more or less days is possible for a higher resp. lower rate.
Your safety is our priority. During your Maasai Experience a car will be available full time in case of an emergency.